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Giants' Shockey, Torbor to sit out vs. RaidersAssociated PressEAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Tight end Jeremy Shockey and linebacker Reggie Torbor will sit out the New York Giants' game at Oakland on Saturday because of injury.Both players were hurt last week in a 35-20 loss to Washington. Shockey injured his ankle, and Torbor aggravated a hamstring injury. Neither practiced this week, and both had been listed as questionable as recently as Thursday.Torbor's injury, as well as injuries to linebackers Antonio Pierce (high ankle sprain) and Carlos Emmons (strained right pectoral muscle), means that New York will be without its three starting linebackers who began the season.New York can clinch its first NFC East title since 2000 with a win Saturday.

the interesting question is what kind of numbers can we exect from Visanthe Shiancoe? I have been getting it done all season with a TEBC and am considering plugging him in this week.


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