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Shonn Greene: 15 touches/game? (1 Viewer)

I'm buying.

CJ is at 3.2 yds per carry and is on cruise control. He's far from the CJ2K we knew a few years back.

Shonne is no world beater but theres value in opportunity. I'll take it at this point in the season.

Me, too. I smell 10 points, and from a 12-team and deep Waiver Wire where even Starks was just taken,.

I've always been a bit of a Shonn Greene fan. He's obviously not the most flashy or versatile back, but as a no-nonsense pounder I think he's actually quite good. I went back and watched some of his Iowa highlights recently and came away impressed. People treat him like dog meat, but he had consecutive 1000+ yard seasons on weak Jets offenses. I would never say Greene is as dynamic as Marshawn Lynch, but look at Marshawn's numbers on the Bills compared to his numbers on the Seahawks to see how a supporting cast can influence a back's numbers. I would not put it past Greene to have a couple more Benson-esque seasons before it's all said and done.

it's possible Greene will handle early-down duties while CJ?K takes the passing-down and two-minute reps. It'll be hard to trust either player as more than a flex option until we see how it shakes out Sunday. Oct 30 - 4:41 PM

Way to just make stuff up.

Hopefully for the rushing offense, Greene’s running style proves more assertive than his personality. He’s been very ho-hum in conversations I’ve had with him about getting back and making an impact. That, of course, doesn’t have to mean a thing.

He didn’t sound real fired up about opportunities to run inside against St. Louis on Sunday.

“I don’t know about inside runs because they changed their defense up and pretty much have eight in the box every play,” he said. “We watch film and when they played Seattle they had eight in the box pretty much the whole game, so it’s going to be tough to get inside. But we’ve got a couple things for them, so hopefully those schemes will work.

That’s hardly in sync with the team’s preseason insistence that the Titans would impose their will and believed they would be able to run against virtually anyone virtually anytime.

I would think a majority of power backs would talk about thinking they can get yards up the gut no matter the defense.

Perhaps he’s just offering us a realistic view.

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