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Just finished a short IDP draft, redraft, scoring is as follows.Sack (2.25)Interception (3.75)Fumble Recovery (2.50)Block Kick (3.25)Tackle Solo (1.25)Sack (4.50)Interception (5.25)Fumble Force (2.25)Fumble Recovery (3.25)Pass Defended (3.75)Block Kick (3.50) We have O players but I know my O, not so solid on IDP. We start 2D, DL, DB and 2 Team D's.Keith BulluckJonathon VilmaCharles GrantPolamaluPatrick KerneyI also took Jason Taylor but because of the INT value I have him on waivers for Michael Boulware, good move? I hope so.TD's - Minnesota & New England.Any comments would be greatly appreciated.Cheers.

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That is one hell of a D. Nice work. All top shelf guys-Keith Bulluck- top 3 LBJonathon Vilma- top 8 LBCharles Grant- top 3 DLPolamalu- top 5 DBPatrick Kerney- top 5 DLWith this squad, a swap of JTaylor (top 5 DL) for MBoulware (8-15 DB) is not a bad move.


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