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Should I deal Alshon for Conner?  1/2 PPR (1 Viewer)


Should I deal Alshon for Conner?  

On the fence about dealing Alshon to receive James Conner.  It would allow me to jump a bye week on an every week starter, but I am concerned about losing conner to Bell come playoffs...in addition to already having another mouth to feed on Pitt.  I also feel like I have better options to plug in at RB now than I would at WR sans Alshon.  Any advice (or vote) would be greatly appreciated 

1/2 PPR

QBs: Watson and Cam

RBs: Gordon, Collins, Brieda, Lindsay, plus either Barner or Richard depending how waivers shake out.

WRs: Brown, TY, Alshon, Watkins, Goodwin, plus either Cobb or Kirk if you want to chime in on that as well.

TE: Kittle

We start


2 RB3



D and K



That's a tough one obviously. You'll have Conner for at least Weeks 8 and 9 and so you can wait it out a little more on the whole Bell situation as I don't think he'll return until he "has" to in Week 10 to accrue a season towards free agency. With Freeman injured, Lindsay gives you a pretty strong RB2 option for the time being and I wouldn't spend too much on Barner at this point for waivers...maybe Richard though. I like your WR options and since you start 3 WR, not sure you want to go with Goodwin or cobb/Kirk as your WR3 or flex options. I would stand where you're at for now. Alshon is a legit WR1 and playing like it this season with his target share in that offense. It's a pretty straightforward passing tree with him and Ertz as the primary options.




I wouldn't do it.  I think you are fine at RB and like your WR's better with Jeffery.  I don't trust Conner to be there during money making time. 


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