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Should I Make A Trade? WHIR (1 Viewer)


Non-PPR Standard 10-Team League: 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 Flex (WR/RB/TE), 1 Flex, 1 DST, 1 K

My Team (currently 4-4)
QB: Goff, Luck | RB: Howard, Drake, Lat Murray, Ekeler, Bell | WR: Cooks, Hilton, Cooper, Funchess, David Moore |
TE: Reed, Engram | DST: Chargers | K: Zurlein

Team #1 (currently 2-6)
QB: Smith | RB: DJ, Lindsay, Breida, McCoy, Ivory, Smallwood | WR: Marvin Jones, Crabtree, Agholor, Boyd, Kirk
TE: Olsen, Cook | DST: Rams | K: Bailey
Byes this week: DJ, Boyd, Agholor, Smallwood, Kirk

Team #2 (currently 4-4)
QB: Mahomes | RB: Gurley, D Martin, Yeldon, Gore, Barner | WR: Evans, K Allen, D Thomas, Gordon, Shepard, Ridley
TE: Dickson | DST: Broncos, Colts | K: Parkey
Byes this week: Shepard, Yeldon, Colts DST

Team #3 (currently 5-3)
QB: Rodgers, Ryan | RB: Barkely, Henry, Carson, Barber | WR: Odell, Juju, Desean, Tate, Godwin
TE: Burton, Ebron | DST: Chiefs, Eagles | K: Elliott
Byes this week: Barkley, Odell, Tate, Eagles DST, Ebron

Do you guys think I should make any trades? I ask because I have a slightly unstable RB corps: Drake has been good the past 3 of 4 weeks and is has been out-touching Frank Gore (which is great for me), Lat Murray has been killing it the last three weeks but I'm worried that the Vikings will incorporate Cook more after Week 10, and Howard has been up and down because of Nagy preferring to run with Cohen more. I am HOPEFUL Bell comes back by Week 10 (last day to become eligible as a FA this off season) and plays but at this point, no one knows. As for my receiving corps, Cook is consistent, Hilton is not really predictable with the injury and have two games above 10 pointss and two below 5 points in his last 4 games played, and as for Funchess I have a feeling that he will do better (especially up against  a weak TB def this week). I just picked up David Moore (brecently and he's been leading in yardage & TDs past three weeks (which is a good sign).

Thanks! Leave a link and I'll help.



Try Team 1 Goff for Lindsay, Team 2 Reed or Engram for Gore, I don't see team 3 as having to do a trade, they can stream a kicker and be fine. I doubt any of these teams go for it but give it a shot. Maybe see if the Dalvin Cook owner not listed is interested in Murray or the Melvin Gordon owner is interested in Ekelar. or Conner for Bell.


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