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Should I trade down? (1 Viewer)


Full Dynasty, start 2 QB, long bench, std scoring league.

I have 3rd overall rookie pick (Well, we can take rookies or WW guys, but the best non-rookies are Cobb, Burton and Kittle - decent but not 1st rounders)

The same guy has 1st and 2nd overall, and I am 95% sure he's taking Barkley and a QB (likely Darnold). I WAS planning to take Guice 3rd, but that's off the rails now. I am not sure I am high enough on Penny or Jones to use 3rd overall on them and am considering trading down. the guy with 4th overall also has 8th and 12th... I was thinking of offering 3rd for both of those picks. (I think at 8th I will be able to get Johnson or Chubb since my league is QB crazy - and I'm not that sure I see a huge dropoff from Penny/Jones to Johnson/Chubb in the overall sense.)

Would you trade down or just grab Penny or Jones (And if so which one?) - I am mostly concerned with overall career potential and not JUST this season.



Do you need a QB?  In a 2 QB league I would be looking to take the QB you think is the best since you seem to value all the RB's about the same with none standing out.  If you don't like any of the QB's then it could make sense to drop to 8/12 in this scenario.  For 2 Qb leagues I see the cut off at 12 picks (8RB's and 4 QB's).  So you would get two of those 12 with that trade back.  I wouldn't have an issue doing that since you don't seem to have a preference of the guys available. 



Trading down isn't the worst thing in the world. It all depends on your needs. For me I am high on Freeman and would take him at the 1.3.



I like Guice a lot in dynasty, and I don't think he'll be there at 1.8. If you assume Saquads goes #1, and then at least Darnold and Mayfield go in the top 5, plus possibly Rosen. then you're probably looking at Penny/Jones/Freeman/Lamar Jackson/Christian Kirk at 1.8. If you're set at QB, I think it makes a ton of sense to trade down and take the 2 best rookies available; otherwise, I'd probably stay at 1.3 and see if maybe the guy will give you 1.4 and 1.12 for 1.3 where you should be able to get Guice or one of the others out of the 5 I mentioned plus another decent player at 12.



I Do need a QB, grabbing Mayfield (Or Darnold if the guy with 2nd take Mayfield) at 3rd is something I am considering as well... but again, trading that pick and getting 8 and 12 and I can get Jackson + one of the last 2 RB's (Which could even BE Guice for all I know - me league is weird sometimes, they do the craziest #### in drafts, every year I am left with my jaw on the floor AT LEAST once in the 1st round. As I said in my other post, I have 9 and 11 too, so if I could make the trade down I would have 8, 9, 11 and 12 to get 4 of those top 12 guys, I just get left with the picking at the end - but I can guarantee SOMEONE will take a WR early maybe even 2, or even grab Cobb in the 1st, Martavius Bryant went 5th overall last year - lol)

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