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Should More Teams Opt To Play 4 WRs Instead Of Putting A Tight End On The Field? (1 Viewer)

I thought this was good analysis too btw.

BobSanders_33 said:
No.  Today's TEs are versatile.   It forces the opposing team to keep an extra LB on the field.  They can stay in to block the edge in max protection or seal the edge on a run.

Also, it is rare that a team has 4 solid receivers to get on the field at the same time. 
I don't like 3 TE sets but when the Titans use Delanie as a slot WR or Graham with the Saints or Cook with the Raiders...Aaron Hernandez...it reminds me of Dallas Clark. I could see a 2 TE 2 WR set (looking like a 4WR set) working in the NFL. When there's a big guy that can take a hit AND be effective in the slot, it can work real well with these snap N throw offenses. I'd be much more confident than these speedy lil buggers that often play the slot.

My issue with multiple WRs is usually blocking the edge. If a team could get two Dallas Clark types, they could probably mix it up enough to get it done.

As far as four WRs, I don't think the patterns and the QBs reads are conducive to this anymore. I feel like offensive coordinators used to have them run longer routes if they were later in progressions, so that when the QB got to them (in his read) it'd be at just the right time. Now it seems like everyone is open at the same time (some 7 yard route) and a QB has to have more anticipation and presnap reads making more of his decision than in the past. (Maybe one deep guy. Teams do have that nowadays)

TE's and FB's,  can wear down a defense if done right. I;d get as creative as I could using my bigger athletes on offense.

I couldn’t disagree more with the analysis. 

TEs today are the least versatile that they’ve ever been since the leagues inception. 
Seems today's NFL TEs come in two varieties: athletic jump-ball pass catchers with freak-of-nature measurables, or your standard blocking TE that is brought in on the Jumbo/Heavy packages teams seem to favor these days.

The TE position seems to be polarized into these specialist roles without any gradient in between.

Though not so sure how different that is from the way it's always been.

TEs like Kelse rarely line up as a TE
That's true, but imagine if the Cowboys had a route runner out there instead of Jarwin/Swaim/Schultz/Rico. Dak doesn't like throwing to TEs, so put another WR out there.

It will always depend on your personnel though.

Yeah, nothing is perfect. I think it's time for the Cowboys to consider it some more for sure. Would obviously be easier to pull it off if they still had Dez who essentially got to the point where he was a WR/TE.


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