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Should The Commissioner Be Able To Do These Things? (2 Scenarios) (1 Viewer)

Scenario 2: Should The Commissioner Be Able To Do This?

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the lone star


Team A put a star player on the trading block to help him rebuild (old team, lost many players to injuries, suspensions, and retirement). The commissioner entered into trade talks with Team A, and they went back and forth discussing a deal. Team A thought that the talks had hit a roadblock, so he told the commissioner he was going to talk to other teams, including the commissioner's two brothers, who were also in the league. The commissioner does not like this, so he sends angry text messages to his brothers, one of which (Team  tells Team A that he is dropping out because of the text. The contents of the text are not known other than the fact that it was angry and hostile, but it is presumed that the commissioner was playing the "family card" in order to make sure that his brothers didn't compete with him, and vice versa.

For what it is worth, the rules do not actually address this scenario.

Should The Commissioner Have Been Able To Do This? 


In a dynasty league, each dynasty owner has the right of last refusal for all of their free agents. That is, each free agent is actually a restricted free agent. Restricted free agency is an auction style bidding system, and how much money each person has is also visible on the site. 

The Commissioner saw that someone like Drew Brees had a super low bid on him and feared that someone would win him for that amount. He also wanted Brees' owner to pay more in free agency to keep him, so the commish sent out individual text messages to all the owners in the league, specifically telling them to increase the bid on Brees. The text message read "INCREASE THE BID ON BREES!!!" This tactic worked, as multiple owners began to increase the price on Brees.

For what it is worth, the rules do not actually address this situation.

Should The Commissioner Have Been Able To Do These Things?

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You state these actions are not against the rules. If a different owner would have done this some owners would be pissed and likely complain to the commish. The commish's likely response is that it is not against the rules.

Rules or no rules it does not look good for the commish to do this.

EDIT:  if other owners are having an issue with this then it sounds like a rule change needs to be brought up and voted on.

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