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Should The "Passport Bros" Phenomenon Be Seen As Toxic Or Merely The Exercise Of Free Will? (13/30) (1 Viewer)


Urban Dictionary: Passport Bros

The "Passport Bros" are men who have chosen to seek out foreign women, typically from other countries, for relationships. They believe that western women have been influenced by cultural and societal pressures to behave in a certain way, and that by seeking out foreign women, they can find a more authentic, fulfilling, and harmonious relationship. This is seen as a way to restore the natural balance between masculine and feminine energy...


VIDEO: 20 Minutes of Men Debating Women Over Passport Bros! WHOSE RIGHT!? Jan 27, 2023

"My advice to any and everybody - Travel when you can, explore the world, experience what's right for you...."


Direct Headline: Passport Bros Have The Right Idea, But The Execution Is Off…

Joe Elvin Feb 13 2023

Passport Bros are causing a lot of global outrage right now.....In reality, I’m on the fence. The idea is great, but the execution is off. Who Are Passport Bros? Passport Bros are black Americans who are leaving the country to find a foreign partner. They claim to be doing so because black American women aren’t traditional or feminine enough. This movement is gaining traction, as more black men share their experiences on social media. Yet, it seems a lot of people are upset about the messages they’re spreading.

What Problems Do People Have With Passport Bros?

1) It’s lame to date foreign women who are poorer and less educated - This is an argument that comes up time and again....The thing is: most men don’t care how much money their woman earns. It doesn’t make them more or less attractive. Some people say they’re ‘taking advantage’ of these poorer women, yet most American women want their partners to be rich too. If these foreigners just want Passport Bros for their money, they’re no different to the materialistic women in Miami, New York and Los Angeles. So, these guys may as well seek partners in warmer countries where their dollars go further.

2) It’s wrong to talk trash about women from your country - If they prefer to date women from another race, that’s their prerogative. There’s still no need to bash the race they don’t want. It’s probably due to their frustration with black women, but there’s a smarter way to get their message across.

3) They can’t get women in their own country - Most of the Passport Bros who went viral lack social awareness, and that’s probably why they struggle with American women... It’s not smooth to parade your women like trophies on social media, especially when they look like they don’t want to be there....There are probably black men who dated successfully in America who are now slaying overseas. But these guys are most likely not making a huge fuss about it. That’s how a real player operates...

4) Some people say Passport Bros are sex tourists - Even if they’re offending a lot of people along the way, Passport Bros claim to be looking for love overseas. Some admit they only want casual relationships...Sex tourists travel overseas to take advantage of relaxed laws in prostitution. There’s a big difference between the two missions...



"C'mon, Herb. Nobody's quitting here."

"You worry about your own game. Plenty there to keep you busy."

- Mike Eruzione and Coach Herb Brooks, Miracle

"You could be married and bored or single and lonely. Ain't no happiness nowhere."

- Chris Rock

Here is another topic that is designed to increase discussion and participation in the FFA.

I see this as an interesting topic because it's a current critical point of discussion right now in the overall Black community, though it may be happening in a more widespread manner very quietly all over. I believe this topic is broad enough where it can be discussed for the social/cultural dynamics at play, and not delve into any area of current public policy nor shifts in functional public administration. Lots of people are lonely and frustrated out there. There are more and more new but common road blocks in place that make the basic tenets of local courtship difficult to sometimes impossible.

On one hand, many people just want to find happiness where they can, if they can, in this short brutal life. And they don't want to be shamed ( in reference to legal activities of course) for exercising free will.

On the other hand, there is a sense of despair and frustration at the perceived public labels being associated with the women being left behind. And the demand for silence from those who become "Passport Bros"

Part of the complexity of this topic is that many of us here now are parents. Many are also raising kids who are coming into that age where they are in the typical learning process timeline for dating / marriage / courtship. How many of us dated and courted in our youth is simply not the way that a 15 year old or a 22 year old in today's time will see it and experience it. There is more access and information for them. But also more pitfalls, legal liability and risks. Do we want them to grow up in a culture that simply has more and more open hostility and social disconnection towards each other in general? And beyond that, erode the basic socialization that comes with young men and young women interacting together without so much tension and threat.

What is your view on the Passport Bros controversy? Do you agree with the core premise? Do you only agree in part? What considerations being discussed might you disagree with? For one side? Both sides? Why? Is there anything that can be done to make this kind of conflict any better? If you could do it all over again, would you be a "Passport Bro"? Why? Or why not? If you are a parent, do you observe, if any, more social disconnection between young men and young women? Why do you think that's happening?

I'll leave this here for others to discuss. (13/30)
Direct Headline: In Search of Romance? Try Moving Abroad.

By Sadiba Hasan March 31, 2023

....After studying abroad in Paris in 2016, Ms. Margo fell in love with the city (and its men). She found a gig teaching English in Paris and moved there after she graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in May 2019...Now, Ms. Margo is living a dream of many American women who are seeking relationships abroad, some of whom cite the toxic dating scene in the United States.....Tinder Passport, a subscription service that allows users to match with people in a destination of their choice, is one of the app’s most popular features, with a majority of members using it up to nine times a month.....From 2022 to 2023, there was a distinct increase in the number of female members shifting interest to unique locations.....

....But there are other reasons people want to date outside the United States....For Ms. Margo, a Black woman who attended predominantly white institutions throughout her school years, she felt ignored in the United States, as if she “was not an option,” she said. In Paris she felt seen.....“They felt like by going to a different country, suitors are more serious, or there’s more intention behind their actions,” Ms. House said. It’s a sentiment that is shared by many American women who have had disappointing dating experiences in the states and feel that moving to a different country might help them open up to the idea of love again.....

....Alexis Brown, for example, noticed a lack of “effort and intention” from the men she was dating in Atlanta, where she attended Spelman College....“The dating culture in the U.S. is that it’s cool and normalized to be indifferent to someone and not really express how you genuinely feel....” ....In Austin, dating apps became tiresome for her. “I felt like every guy was the same guy,” she said. “I felt like if I stayed there, I’m probably going to be single forever.....”

....For Cindy Sheahan, meeting people outside of her circles in Denver was momentous. She started traveling solo shortly after ending her 30-year marriage in 2016....She found the men she dated in Denver after her divorce to be unadventurous. She said she went on 60 dates in 2017....“It was like a comedy show,” she said.....At the end of 2017, she quit her job and traveled throughout Southeast Asia for leisure, and she started using Tinder.....“When you decide to just live your life for yourself, you actually end up stumbling upon people that match your energy and the same ideals and values.....”

... Ms. Tabibian said that anyone who is jaded about dating should definitely try dating abroad. “It can really feel like you’re living in your own rom-com....”



Two different sets of rules here. Men do it? Bad and toxic. Women do it? NY Times calls it empowering

Men were told, en masses, by all forms of messaging across the MSM, books, TV, film, music and every facet of our culture, for decades, that they were disposable. And so a large cross section simply opted out.

No one is going to fight, die and sacrifice for a culture and society that keeps telling them that they are openly despised.

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