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Single Opening...unfortunately (1 Viewer)


Hello Fantasy Footballers.
I know I’m late to the game, but one of my league owners is a late scratch due to devastating medical issues. I hate to lose him, but this is just a game. His family’s health and welfare must be his priority.
This leaves me with an opening. Mine is a 12-team league and it plays out as follows –

Play Type – Keeper (keep up to 3 from current roster
Divisions – 3
Games played – 28 (Each team plays 3 games vs Division Opponents, 2 games vs Non-division Opponents and 3 games vs League Avg.)
Full-team D/ST

Scoring – 6 points/TD (Passing, Rushing .Receiving); Yardage pts for TD, yardage pts for Passing, Rushing. Receiving (with performance bonuses for yardage completion %, etc.); Subtractions for fumbles, ints. Etc.
Defensive Scoring – yes
Position Limits on Roster - yes

Waivers – Blind Bidding (2x weekly) followed by $1UFA pickups

Note – These are not double -headers. Each team faces two(2) unique opponents each week.
Note – All games vs League Avg will be played within first 4 weeks so as not to avoid bye weeks.

Team Available drafts 7
Roster =

QB - Jalen Hurts/Marcus Mariota (purely coincidence)
RB – Joe Mixon/Jonathan Taylor/Raheem Mostert/ Samaje Perine/JK Dobbins
WR – Devonta Smith/Amari Cooper/Marquise Brown/Jahan Dotson/Isaiah McKenzie/Romeo Doubs
TE – Pat Freiermuth/Darren Waller
K – Jason Myers /DST – Bengals

Note – Keepers – Players are ranked per their performance in this league. Top 12 players are designated Round 1, players 13-24 overall = Round 2, and so forth. If you keep a player, you forfeit that draft position. For example – Jalen Hurts finished #3 overall w/a Round 1 designation. If you keep Jaylen Hurts, he will be slotted as your #1 pick.

Playoffs – Top 8 teams make playoffs. Bottom 4 will continue to submit weekly rosters. With team earning most points receiving #1 overall pick next season. Losers of 1 playoff round will play for roster spots 5-8. Loser of 2nd round will play for Draft picks 9 &10 and Champ game teams will play for draft position in 2024.

Fees - $110. League Winner = $1000. Champ Game Loser - $200. Regular Season high score (cumulative) - $100. Fees are held via LeagueSafe & paid out immediately
Draft – September 2-5 (preferably 09/02 – 6pm Eastern

Guest URL: https://www.rtsports.com/fantasy-football-league/61396

This a quality bunch of guys here who have been together a while. Many say this league is their #1.
Thanks for your time. If interested, feel free to message me or shoot an email – XPatriate@ive.com

-Jim Hauck

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