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Reading today that Rambo now is leading candidate for the SS job in Washington. Draft Dominator updated a few days ago and VBD for Phillip Thomas got a huge boost up to around 60 at DB4. A little disappointed that FBG has been touting Thomas only to find out it looks to be in vain. Any thoughts on an update to this situation?

I dont think anything is set in stone yet but it will only be a matter of time before Rambo is starting at FS and Thomas at SS.

#Redskins rookie DBs D. Amerson, B. Rambo and P. Thomas all on the field with the starting unit. The future is now. #HTTR

#Redskins team physicians attend to rookie S P. Thomas who walks off the field under his own power. Updates when more is known.

#Redskins S P. Thomas has been listed as QUESTIONABLE to return. Unlikely, considering it is preseason action. #HTTR

Most of #Redskins 1st string defense off the field, but rookies D. Amerson and B. Rambo remain in the game for extra seasoning.

#Redskins rookie S P. Thomas has been downgraded to OUT.


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