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'Skins Waiting On Springs' Results (1 Viewer)


'Skins Waiting for MRI Results on Springs' Groin

Washington Heads Into First Playoff Game Since '99 With Concerns

ASHBURN, Va. (Jan. 2) - Cornerback Shawn Springs is the biggest injury concern for the Washington Redskins as they head into their first playoff game since 1999.

Springs aggravated his groin injury in the first half of Sunday's 31-20 victory over Philadelphia. He had an MRI on Monday, but team officials weren't expecting the results until Tuesday.

"I wouldn't expect him to do much in the way of practice," trainer Bubba Tyer said.

Springs' absence was compounded when backup Ade Jimoh left the game in the second half with an irregular heartbeat. With Carlos Rogers inactive because of a torn biceps, the Redskins in the final key drives had to play Christian Morton, who was promoted from the practice squad last week.

Rogers, who has missed three games, is expected to return for Saturday's playoff game at Tampa Bay.

"I'll be ready, no doubt," Rogers said. "If it hurts, it hurts."

Jimoh was taken to a hospital late Sunday and was given medicine that should get him through the playoffs. Jimoh said he expects to practice on Wednesday.

Linebacker Lemar Marshall sprained his shoulder but is expected to play Saturday. Tyer said running back Clinton Portis "got beat up" from various hits and tackles, but there was no serious injury.

01/02/06 18:08 EST


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