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Slippery Tarp On The Sidelines....why? (1 Viewer)

Stinkin Ref

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I realize the sideline is a “high traffic” area and they want to try to preserve the grass/area underneath or whatever...and it would turn to straight dirt/mud if they didn’t do somethiing.....but is a slippery tarp, especially with cleats on, really the best solution the NFL brain trust can come up with....there has to be something else....like maybe fake grass/turf that they could put down during the game and then remove...?....pretty much anythiing that doesn’t resemble an ice rink would probably be a good idea....I just saw Todd Gurley get run into the sidelines and then try to stop and slip and go flying into the bench/water coolers, etc.....the little line to gain markers they put down on the sideline should also be made of something that isn’t slippery....what major player has to blow out a knee or something before they do something different...?

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These fields - even the grass ones - are highly engineered to withstand (as best as they can) the beating from a game, the effects of weather, etc.

That much more idiotic that this practice still exists.

I can see it if the field is used for other sports that require a wider pitch - MLS soccer is one?

And you get even infinitely more moronic conditions in a place like Oakland, with it’s dirt for the A’s (don’t even get me started).

Even then there has to be better temporary covers than a tarp.

Ironic the game has changed so much to protect player (read: just the QB) safety on the field, but is considerably more dangerous for everyone about an inch off the field.



Stinkin Ref said:
I think he slipped on a concrete area that was pretty far away from the playing field....not saying that is any better....but just a little different
I disagree with you here, and agree with your OP. Why they can't use artificial turf off the field in high traffic areas is a complete mystery to me. In the case of Bush he's playing on an artificial field to begin with. Somebody made the decision not to have artificial turf all the way to the wall, and it's going to cost that someone $12.5mil. I only wish is it was more.

It's especially infuriating when the owners are really worried about the health of the players and they will do anything to protect them.... right up until it costs them a dime. The fields across the NFL have been improving but they were an abomination for decades. It costs nothing to change rules, it costs a lot of money to maintain a grass field which a vast majority of players prefer to play on.



I ask this question every time I see a game!!  I agree with all of the posts.

Why doesn't the players union demand proper surfaces all the way to the locker room?  I cannot imagine how large the budget is to maintain the Packers field.  I know it is a super complex system.  Why stop at the sideline????

I cringe waiting to see a shin break against the aluminum bench.


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