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Sneaky Sleeper: #1 FF WR in 05 (1 Viewer)

I am reffering to M.MUHAMMED.

We all saw what Orton DIDNT do and thus why he had medicore#'s, But in the preseason with Grossman he was the MAIN target and even though Orton rarely connected on his passes he looked his way quite ofton.

Now with Griese signed on they will have somewhat of an upgrade in there qb play, and i expect Mushin numbers to go back up....not to 05 numbers but enough to be considered a wr2.

I just got him for a 2.09 rookie pick...figured he could help me for a few years, where as the rookie would have had to sit for probaly 3 or 4 to develop and Mushin IS A STARTING WR for his team.

just alittle heads up!

I'm confused. The thread title says #1 FF WR, yet you say that Muhammad won't be the #1 FF WR he was 2 seasons ago but he'll be a servicable WR2.

I can see Muhammad putting up top 20 numbers, given his situation, but I wouldn't forecast him over any of the top 10 or even 15, even with the addition of Griese (who's no lock to start over Grossman anyway).

Is Muhammad a good buy low candidate - Yes.

Will Muhammad provide value on draft day - Yes.

Will he be the #1 FF WR? Don't think so.

I guess I just have more issues with the thread title than the actual content.

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I dunno about that. I have him stashed away on my dynasty bench.

I think I had to play him once or twice because of byes and regretted it. It's not so much him, it's the offense he plays in.

He could be a good fantasy receiver in the right Offense. But I cannot remember the last time Chicago had a usefull consistant fantasy receiver. I would trade him for a second round rookie pick myself if offered.

He's too talented to drop. So unless I get an offer I will keep him stashed deep on my bench and hope your right at least one more year.

Muhammad's shaky hands and inability to break off any big plays had to do with mediocre #'s as well. I don't see him ever being a Top 24 WR (#2 WR in a 12-team league) for an entire season ever again.

I look at him more as a WR3 like a Keyshawn Johnson. I think Keyshawn would actually come cheaper (people look at Moose as the #1 in Chicago vs. Key as a #2 wherever he ends up)

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Title say #1 wr in 05 I meant the 04-05 season.....not this past 05-06 season, maybe thats wheres the mixup.
This ain't the NBA - it was the 2004 season.

Qb's are not proven. How many many fantasy starter seasons has he had in his career? Not many, I would guess. 2004 was an abberation.

I think he could end up around 20-25 wr when it's over, but wouldn't count on it.


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