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So this happened near my commute. Solid road rage with fight. (1 Viewer)

I almost witnessed a road rage incident today, but it was between two construction workers and only one actually got out of the truck.

This looked more....interesting.

lots of awesomeness in that video....

girl in white panties gets moved up the offdee scale because she was initially wearing a short black sundress type dress....I love sundresses....and even without seeing her face....whatever she was selling, I'm probably buying.....not being able to hide her road rage crazy should also bump her up the scale a little....crazy chicks are hot...but she might lose a couple points on the offdee scale from female judges because not only shouldn't you wear white after Labor Day....I think there is some type of unwritten rule that they should try to match the panties with the outfit....black thong should have been the call instead of white...she got the bra part right tho....

The guy in the white pickup truck that was leaning out the window was pretty epic.  He basically had his popcorn out.  

After looping this 20x it's pretty clear the Audi tangled up with this car on a sideswipe of the Audi passenger side.  

I'm just going to assume that thong is the Audi driver.    


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