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Soda War Return of the Fizz New, 12 team, free espn dynasty with retro rookie keepers (1 Viewer)


Soda Wars Return of the Fizz is looking for 11 dedicated diehards that are up for something a little different.  This is a free dynasty league on ESPN that is looking for long-term owners. League focuses on the flex position to allow deep starting lineup customization.  Draft will be live Friday June 3rd at 7pm est via snake order.  Draft pick trading can happen year two

League scoring is standard ppr with rosters setup as follows 1qb 1rb 1wr 1te 5flex 1def 1k 9 bench 3 ir

When you join you will pick one of the non playoff teams from last season (as seen below) and will select 3 retro keepers that are either rookies or entering their sophomore season with said team. This will count as this years rookie draft and gives every-team a head start.  If you cannot find 3 players you like that teams kicker and or def can be used as a keeper but a total of three roster slots must be filled. This locks one day before the draft.

The available teams are Jets, Lions, Saints, Commanders, Broncos, Chargers, Vikings, Falcons (taken), Dolphins, Ravens, Browns, Texans, Colts, Jags, Giants, Bears, Panthers, Seahawks

Seven teams make the playoffs yearly with top seed in each match-up getting a plus 3 advantage. Tie breaker for seeding is most points against. Rookie draft will be three rounds each year and will be done via lotto in inverse order of standings. 

League winner will also be allowed to choose the upcoming theme for the new season each year (please keep it pg13 or less hahaha)

If interested in joining add J¥#0526 to discord to be invited to league.  Discord is a must for league to ensure activity and league communication.  Discord will have a smack room and a league rumor mill that teams can submit gossip to stir the pot a bit.  I will be looking for an assistant LM to head this part.


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