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Solomon Torres Retires (1 Viewer)


Torres said he called general manager Doug Melvin today to announce he is retiring from baseball as an active player. The Brewers had a $3.75 million option for 2009 on Torres, which they certainly would have exercised by the Saturday deadline after he emerged as their closer last season. But Torres said he wanted to take that out of Melvin’s hands by telling him he was retiring. “I wanted to make it easy for him,” said Torres, 36, reached at home in Pittsburgh. “I already had made up my mind and wanted to tell him this was my last season.” Torres, a deeply religious man, said he wanted to devote more time to his wife and three children as well as his faith. “It’s time for me to dedicate more time to my family and my religion,” said Torres. “Doug was very understanding, which I appreciate. I had a wonderful experience in Milwaukee but he knows I am serious about it.” ..."It was a given (that the Brewers would exercise the option),” said Torres. “It’s a small sacrifice I’m making. I know I’m doing the right thing. It might be a surprise to a lot of people and some might not understand, especially from a money standpoint. That shows you how determined I am to lead by life in another way.”
His career didn't turn out as expected when he was a top SP prospect, but he did manage to put together a decent second career as a RP. He'll have a nice pension.As far as Giants fans are concerned, he'll always be a 21 year kid blowing up on the final day of the 93 season.
Before he went to Milwaukee, I seem to remember him hinting that he was thinking about retirement even then.


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