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some 49er minor news (1 Viewer)



—Running back Frank Gore, who needs major surgery on both shoulders this offseason, had one of the procedures performed last week. He has a four-week window for the other to be surgically repaired. The surgeries will require a five-month rehabilitation. He is expected to take part in some of the team's offseason training program.

—Mike Rumph will be a cornerback as long as he remains with the 49ers after a failed experiment for him to give free safety a try last season. Rumph started the first three games last season at safety before getting shifted back to cornerback. But before he played in a game, he sustained a torn plantar fascia and was lost for the season.

"I didn't think he had the skills to play safety," Nolan said. "His angles to the ball and vision to the ball wasn't what it should be. ... I didn't see the progress in however many months to lead me to believe he'd make the transition smooth."

—Tight end Eric Johnson has a $1.25 million salary for next season, which is a lot of pay a person who has missed 36 games the last four seasons due to injuries. But Nolan said that Johnson figures in the team's plans for 2006.

Part of the reason Nolan is willing to give Johnson another try is because he made it clear when the two met after the final game of the season that he would do everything in his power to work with strength and conditioning coordinator Johnny Parker to be ready. When Johnson was healthy in 2004 (he missed two starts with cracked ribs), he caught a team-leading 82 passes for 825 yards.

—Receiver Derrick Hamilton, who missed all of last season after sustaining an offseason ACL tear in his left knee, had minor "clean-up work" done recently, coach Mike Nolan said. Hamilton is expected to be ready for the team's first minicamp in early May.

—Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval certainly won't be getting any special perks at 49ers games for a while. Sandoval introduced a resolution at a Board of Supervisors meeting Jan. 17 in which he recommended the City and County of San Francisco adopt the Seahawks as its official football team for the duration of the 2006 playoffs.

Sandoval spells out his reasons for turning his support to one of the 49ers' rivals in the NFC West: the 49ers have not had a winning season since 2002, and the many bars and restaurants in San Francisco lose money because the 49ers failed to make the playoffs again.

Furthermore, Seattle coach Mike Holmgren was San Francisco Prep Athlete of the Year for 1965 while attending Lincoln High. Holmgren later started his coaching career at Lincoln High.

A vote was tabled until after the Super Bowl, at which point it would be a moot point.


One of the knocks is that the 49ers do not have enough "football people" in the front office other than Nolan and McCloughan.

Director of football operations Paraag Marathe, a 28-year-old MBA from Stanford, is a favorite of York's, but his track record as a negotiator has come under scrutiny for some questionable deals the 49ers have struck in recent years.

Thanks Bri.

A healthy Eric Johnson would be a plus for the team. They should still take a look at a TE in the draft.

The note about Marathe highlights their need for experienced front office people.

...Nolan said. "His angles to the ball and vision to the ball wasn't what it should be. ... I didn't see the progress in however many months to lead me to believe he'd make the transition smooth."
This was the problem at CB as well. Time to put the "bust" collar on Rumph

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