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tick dog

Couple funny tidbits from Rotoworld's Man-Crush Index...



Brandon Lloyd: Digging deeper here, but someone's gotta catch Kyle Orton's boozy knuckleballs, and it seems Lloyd has become the most attractive WR option in Chicago. Which is like saying that Police Academy VII: Mission to Moscow was the best Police Academy movie, but still . . .

Plaxico Burress/Matt Millen: Plax was suspended for bagging work, but c'mon, who hasn't done that? I'm bagging work right now. Millen, however, was canned for never having been even remotely competent at his job for even one millisecond of his 31-84 tenure as Lions GM. Somewhere, Charles Rogers and Mike Williams light up another fatty and laaaaaaugh and laugh . . . and then both nod off while watching koala bears eat eucalyptus leaves on Animal Planet HD. :lol:

Pick Six: Dear sports radio play-by-play guys, stop calling an interception return for touchdown a "pick six," because it sounds really stupid and unoriginal and annoys the hell out of me for some reason. Please come up with a cutesy new name. Like, I don't know, "Interception Return for Touchdown."


Le'Ron McClain: Rumors that it was in fact McLain who scratched the inside of McGahee's eyelid with a toothpick while Ray Rice held him down on the locker room floor are unsubstantiated. But McClain is likely now the Ravens' top goal line option and a nice Flex play if you need a TD. Think Pierre Thomas, but in a worse offense.

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