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Some IDP free agents. (1 Viewer)


Some FAs with their season totals:DEs:Paul Spicer (Jaguars) - 8 solos, 3 sacks, 1 INT, 1 FFTony Bryant (Saints) - 4 solos, 2 assists, 2.5 sacksLance Johnstone (Vikings) - 4 solos, 2 sacksLBs:James Harrison (Steelers) - 4 solos, 2 sacksRyan Nece (Buccaneers) - 7 solos, 2 assists, 1 sackDonterrius Thomas (Vikings) - 10 solo, 3 assistsJeff Posey (Bills) - 8 solos, 4 assistsSs:Michael Hawthorne (Rams) - 10 solos, 3 assists, 1 INTLeigh Bodden (Browns) - 7 solos, 1 INT, 1 FFShaun Williams (Giants) - 8 solos, 1 INTChris Harris (Bears) - 11 solos, 1 assistKeion Carpenter (Falcons) - 11 solos

I went for SPicer in my league.. the other guys didn't even make it into my search... your league mus t be way deeper thomas looks good w ith 10 tackles, is he consistent? of course myabe the other guys are on rosters in my league.... anything over 7 tackles i look for consistancy

harris and hawthorne are worth pickups as they seem to be set as starting FSs for now.spicer is definitely worth a pickup with the other 3 guys on that line.johnstone is a pass rush specialist and i think his role gets smaller as james comes along, i think he's also dinged up. ill pass.bryant is no better than the 4th best DE on the saints roster. ill pass.bodden only got time because baxter was hurt to begin the year.williams seems like he's lost in the mix in the giants D backfield. harrison was looking like a good bet to take snaps away from haggans before he went off. i still like him long term, but not short term, not unless haggans play falls off again.nece should be solid depth as he's probably gonna be the SLB there for the rest of the year with gooch out.thomas is only good as long as henderson is out.posey went from afterthought to good depth with spikes out. his tackle #s should go up with the less experienced crowell in there.carpenter is an end of the bench emergency safety at best for fantasy.

Spicer - 1 week wonder possibly. He switched sides this week with Hayward but the Jets suck that bad. Take him from this group if you must have one.Bryant - Backup DE, not sure why he was in unless someone got hurt.Johnstone - Played more than normal because the Saints were playing catch up the entire game.Harrison - Not sure about this guy since he is behind Porter and Haggans. If they get hurt he has value but he is a OLB in the 3-4 so value is limited anyway.Nece - The starting SLB who hasn't done much of anything outside this game and I would only expect another game or two like this the entire year.Thomas - Started in place of Henderson and only has value with EJ out.Posey - Perhaps saw his numbers increase with Spikes going down. He is the SLB and won't likely have this type of game again unless the Bills change how he is used with Spikes out.Not sure who I would pick out of this LB group to be honest, throw a dart.Michael Hawthorne (Rams) - Game of his life probably this week. If teams pass against the Rams then I think he has value.Leigh Bodden (Browns) - Backup CB who played well with Baxter out but moves to reserve role with Baxter healthy. Bodden is also banged up.Shaun Williams (Giants) - He was the only guy who did anything this past week and unless he gets moved to the starting spot he has no value.Chris Harris (Bears) - He is now the starting FS but this position has a chance to produce on this team. I would likely take him before other DBs on this list.Keion Carpenter (Falcons) - Worthless unless the Falcons get a lead and get passed on often and even then really pretty worthless.


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