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Songs You're Embarassed That You Like (1 Viewer)

seahawk 17

Sorry if this is a Honda, did a search and found nothing...

#### I will turn off while at a stop light, or someone enters a room.

1. Bruno Mars Gorilla....(Love this ####### song)

2. Lady Gaga Applause...(Makes me happy)

What do you got?

I can't get enough "Everything She Wants" by Wham! since hearing it on GTA V... and I've gotta sing the "having my bay-bay" part aloud everytime.

celine dion - it's all coming back to me now

jesse mccartney - beautiful soul

alanis morisette - ironic

shania twain - man i feel like a woman

I'm not ashamed in the least, Wham's Careless Whispers gets played on every jukebox I encounter and there will be sexy timez dancing (complete with eye contact) during the sax solo!

To keep with the Ke$ha/ Gaga love/hate:

your love is my drug - Ke$ha

Bad Romance and Poker Face - Gaga

The song by Tatu where the video showed them making out. And add to that the Dirrrrrrty video by Aguilera. I feel Dirrrrrrty just thinking about either of those.

On Katy Perry - I love looking at her ummm, yeah, looking at her, but don't think I have even a drunken MP3 add to my MP3 player/phone/PC.


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