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Sooooooooo Marion Barber?!?!? UHMMM (1 Viewer)


Don't mess with Texas
Is there something wrong with him????

I just had a weird encounter of the 5th kind!



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Saw Marion Barber at the Cowboys headquarters. He was in good spirits. But he looked nothing like the Barbarian. Keep him in your prayers

3:35 PM - 15 Jun 2017

After doing some googling it seems he has some mental issues. Brought a loaded gun to church and didn't know where he was. that was in 2014.

I assume all those punishing runs jacked his brain. Poor guy. 

He came in to my restaurant and I reached out to shake his hand like most people especially celebrities that come through and I normally ask to take a quick picture. But when I said hello Mr. Barber and stuck out my hand to shake his but he flinched and said not to touch him because his skin is allergic to human flesh. I honestly didn’t know how to respond. He said it in such a way that it’s hard for me to explain.

I then thought about how brutal he used to run and just feel bad for him. Wow is all I can say.


Think it’s drugs?   Head trauma?  Or both?
Head trauma and mental health issues.  Both might have lead to self medicating with drugs.  But anyone who doesn't know where they are or thinks they're allergic to human flesh started out with a problem in their brain before they got to drugs.

(This just based on my experience dealing with mentally ill people)

He looks bad. Feel for the guy. Looks totally unstable mentally just by looking at his mugshot. Glassy eyes, looks bad.

He was probably my favorite Cowboys RB to watch run over the couple of seasons or so where he was a stud. He punished people when he ran. Hope he doesn't have CTE and hope he gets some help.


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