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Sparano gives Pennington "Vote of Confidence" (1 Viewer)


Per Rotoworld

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano confirmed Monday that Chad Pennington will keep his starting job for now, but says Chad Henne will come in during blowouts.

The Fins probably won't be blowing anyone out this year, but may as well plan on getting down big in games going forward. They're batting .500 so far.

I know Rotoworld is paraphrasing but that's pretty funny.. :goodposting:

I thought Henne looked good for his first action, picked him up and dropped Keenan since he is hurt now.....

I could have done worse..

As a Dolphins' fan, there is really no reason to not at least get Henne some touches in each game. Pennington led us to 3 points against the vaunted Cardinals' defense. It can't get any worse.


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