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Spiller-Charles-McCoy decision 2013 (1 Viewer)


I gotta pick one today. Driving me CRAZY cause their are so close! What would you do

.5 PPR 12 teams 50/50 scoring

This one is not going to end well for you but let me start by saying:

1) this post needs to be in the other assistant coach forum (or whatever it's called)

2) flip a coin all those RBS are awesome. Can't go wrong.

Had this decision from the #5 slot yesterday and went with McCoy - just a gut feel on him since all 3 are very close.

After much thought and research on these guys I like McCoy. I really like what I read about Chips offense.

Charles' foot scare does still worry me a bit.

I am in this position at the number 3 spot, I think they are all relatively close, but it's a tough decision, imo.

Yup. Drafting at #4 and this is my dilemma as well. Starting to lean towards TRich to make things even more complicated. There's not one thing I don't like about his situation (insert Browns joke here).


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