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Sportsline D/ST Scoring Problems? (1 Viewer)


I searched on here and did not see any threads posted, but it seems my 3 leagues on Sportsline are having issues with the D/ST scoring for Week 3 games. Some units are being credited for more points then they should be, and when I ran a test of the scoring systems it still gave me these wrong numbers.

For example, in two leagues with similar scoring, here's the Giants D:

Giants DST

23 PA, 347 YDS, 6 SACK

22 points

23 PA and 347 YA each should get 0 pts, and 6 sacks at 2 points apiece = 12, so the site is crediting the Giants with 10 more points than they should've gotten.

When I ran a test of the scoring, it still spit back 5 pts for the PA and YA, despite falling outside our scoring ranges.

If it was limited to just one of my leagues, I'd poke around and see if we're at fault. But all 3? How can that be?

Anyone else experiencing D/ST scoring issues from this weekend?


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