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Spring Breakout Rosters (1 Viewer)

Rosters are out on MLB.com Link
I'm a Serious Businees dynasty nerd but still typically ho hum on Spring training :yawn: I have to say that I'm kinda excited about these games, could be fun. :popcorn:

I'm in. Thought it was a great idea when MLB announced it. Rosters all look great. I like that the games will be live and blackout free on the league's digital platforms.
Good to see MLB trying to promote the game. I'm not expecting too much because they're generally pretty bad at it but I'll tune in with one finger on the Add Player button.
As I scanned the rosters, I couldn't help but feel there are alot of names missing. Some teams were mos def taking it more seriously than others it seems. At least my guy Rushing is catching for the Dodgers. I don't see the Dodgers/Angels game on my TV schedule though ffs. That game has to be on, come on.
Spring Breakout will showcase baseball's future stars with all Spring Breakout games broadcast live and blackout-free on MLB's digital platforms (MLB.com, MLB.TV and the MLB app). MLB Network will air six of the games live. At least nine Spring Breakout Prospects Games will be available to stream live via ESPN+
I don't know if anyone else is watching, but they've got Termarr Johnson mic'ed up. Talk about personable. Hard to believe hes just 19. If this kid plays to his potential, he's going to be a star.

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