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St. Louis at Carolina (1 Viewer)

Stacy has made a number of nice plays already. Showing quite a bit of niftiness and vision..looking like the real deal just like last week against a tough Carolina front 4.

Tavon separates easily for a 63-yard touchdown...called back due to tripping on Jake Long. Second touchdown Austin's had called back by penalty this year.

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Long threw a punch during a fracas...right in front of the ref. No one's sure what instigated the whole fight.

Brian Quick is a lot more involved this game and just caught a bomb to get the Rams in position for a Stacy TD. The light may be coming on halfway through his second season.

Long got punched in the throat in front of the ref and Long retaliates with a slap in the helmet and Long gets kicked out. Carolina did a good job mucking it up and getting the Rams to bit. The Rams come out looking like the bad guys with the penalties but it was one of the worst officiated games I have ever seen. I'm not being sensational.


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