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St Louis Rams homers out there? (1 Viewer)


Anybody hear the latest on who the Rams are SERIOUSLY considering? :confused:

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There's talk of a possible trade up. Williams, Hawk and Davis heavily coveted. If not they find themselves in a rough spot. Huff, Justice, Bunkley... if anyone was available, that would likely be the pick (couldn't guess the order of preference). Rumors are floating that Justice's availability could put the Rams in position to trade down. Ngata is the fallback position and probably what they need the most-- run stuffer. Still he also could be gone and that's their worst case scenario.

There's chatter they would take Cutler if he fell. I don't buy it. Linehan is fine with Frerotte backing up Bulger and developing Fitz.

In the worst case scenario a QB does fall, and like Justice, they would seek a trading partner. If they can't find one, they'll just pass and wait for the second round.

DT seems to be the biggest concern, and don't be surprised if they move up in the 2nd for Watson should he run the gauntlet late in the first. Wroten is also on the radar. As is John McCargo. What about Glover? Pass rush specialist aging stop gap and situational in Dallas last year. He's nice to have but not the answer.

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There was an article in the STL Post Dispatch this past weekend that left me with the impression they were going D unless considerable value fell to them (namely Vince Young). This came up because Rams officials met with Young this past weekend. The article didn't mention any D players by name, but as has been previously posted, they have a weakness up the middle. The defensive backfield is not so pretty either. If they draft anything other than DT or DB from the 11 hole I will be shocked.

Up until recently I thought Jimmy Williams would be the pick (assuming Huff and Bunkley are gone to Detroit and Buffalo). Now I am in agreement with Torry Holt that Tye Hill should be the pick.

If they draft anything other than DT or DB from the 11 hole I will be shocked.
:goodposting: And I would lean heavily toward DB with the way the talent looks to be drafted in the 1st. Barring a trade (up or down) or Young or Hawk sliding to 11, I see the Rams taking a DB at 11.....

I see them trading down and picking up Sims, Jimmy Williams or Greenway.

I think Huff would be the guy they'd love to slip and I don't see that happening.

Yeah, I don't see Huff slipping... I think they take the next DB after Huff.... Jimmy has been sliding and there are a bunch of DB's to choose from... Jimmy, Tye Hill, Cromartie, joseph, etc.... Jimmy's draft stock has fallen lately, is he the guy they are still targeting?

"We're very serious. If you look at the group of quarterbacks, I think it's obvious there are three worthy of picking. It's hard to get your hands on players who can be great in this business. We feel strongly enough about one of those guys and if he's there and falls wherever he falls, I think that it is a big possibility that we'll take one. I'm not just saying that as a smokescreen."

-- St. Louis coach Scott Linehan, on the possibility of using the 11th pick of Saturday's draft on a quarterback.

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