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Standard League WDIS - Flex - Lamb, Williams or Brown (1 Viewer)

Shady Commish19

Hi All -

Standard Redraft - 2QB League. I traded Brady for Kittle earlier this week and with Tannehill on the postponed bye, my QB's are Carr and Minshew. Going up against his Dak and Burrow, I need all the points I can get. Starting Lockett, Evans, Jacobs, Kittle, Robinson and Ridley. Who should I put in my W/R flex spot out of Lamb, Preston Williams and Marquise Brown? I am leaning Brown right now in what I hope is an "angry Ravens" team looking to get back on track, but the WFT's defense has not been terrible this year. Seattle is giving up huge yardage, but Williams production to date has been weaksauce. Lamb has a solid floor, but can he put up a big week?

Thanks in advance.



You could make a case for all three.

Williams is facing on of the worst secondaries in the NFL and you have to think the Dolphins will need to throw to keep up.

Brown has that "revenge" scenario you mentioned.

Lamb seems to have  a very decent floor and is facing another weak secondary.

I think Williams is the weakest pick because of Parker, and between Lamb and Brown it seems that Lamb is more trustworthy for involvement in the game plan.


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