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Start Gronk or Rudolph? 1pt PPR (1 Viewer)

Gronk or Rudolph

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I'm having trouble determining who I should start at TE now that Gronk will be active tonight.  I have Gronk and Rudolph in a 1pt PPR league.  The guy I'm going against has Kelce at TE and Brady at QB.

My lineup:

QB: Cam or Goff

RB: Gurley

RB: Conner

WR: DHop

WR: Juju

TE: Gronk or Rudolph

Flex: Golden Tate

K: Boswell

DEF: Carolina

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That's a tough one, personally I would play Gronk but I'm a "start your studs" kind of guy.

I just can't stomach someone like him going off on my bench. Wouldn't argue against sitting him though with the ankle and a great alternative in Rudolph.

Your next step is to trade one of those guys, TE is a wasteland so you should get a lot of interest.

I'm a start your studs guy also.  I've looked at offers for them, but haven't gotten enough value to move one and offset Gronk's injury risk/upside.  I won it all last year and set our league scoring record, its a keeper/dynasty hybrid w/ an auction budget and you can keep anyone you can fit under your salary cap.  My bench has Mike Evans (bye), Chris Thompson, Kerryon Johnson and LeVeon Bell.  I fleeced Kerryon Johnson from an owner before week 1 who was in win now mode.  I've made a lot of moves for guys I thought were elite but bought during down years (Gurley, LVB injury/suspension, Mike Evans, Gronk etc.).  I trade frequently, probably more than most owners and everyone is available at any time for the right deal I just haven't gotten anything that makes sense yet to move a TE.

If Gronk is active, Gronk should start. Rudolph isn't a good enough option to make me want to "play it safe"

I'd also go Cam at QB. Giants are getting ripped apart by QB's on the ground, and other than maybe Watson, none of those guys are in Cam's league.


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