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Start-up 12 Team ppr cap/contract Dynasty $20 (1 Viewer)



-Non-IDP 12 team ppr league with a cap, player salaries and contract years. Cap adjusts up with the NFLs each year.

- Only Thursday players need to be in your lineup by game time on Thursday if you want to start them. The rest of your lineup can be submitted on Sunday afternoon.

-You can grant up to 2 signing bonuses/year to front load a contract and free up cap space down the road, if you desire.

-You can submit back-up players to deal with game time decisions or early game injuries to your starter(s) (see bylaws for eligibility rules).

-6 players (rooks or vets) can be put on your taxi squad, and up to 4 players can be placed on IR (I,IR and PUP status).

-Starting lineups allow for 3 offensive flex positions: 1 QB, 1-3 RBs, 1-4 WRs, 1-2 TEs, 1 PK and 1 DEF. Kick Returners are not a lineup requirement, but you can start one in a flex spot if you're in a jam.

-You'll have 2 years of future draft picks available for trading.

- Initial auction on vets will start when league is full and everyone is paid up.

- A three round rookie draft will take place shortly after (draft order will be randomly selected to get us started). There will also be a one-round "supplemental" draft after the 3rd week of preseason games.

-Funds will be handled by Leaguesafe and payout is through majority vote approval.

-Prize Payouts are as follows:

-League Champ $150, Runner-Up $50, 3rd place $20, Toilet bowl winner $20.

Post here or contact me at mjrusso1 at live dot com if you want in.

League Links:

Black Sun Dynasty Homepage

Black Sun Dynasty Bylaws

Black Sun Dynasty Scoring

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