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Start Up Dynasty League Forming (No IDP) (1 Viewer)



32 Teams (Divsions set like NFL)

12 week regular season

Follow NFL playoff format w/ first round byes

h2h play

ppr format (.5 RB/ 1.0 WR/ 1.5 TE)

6 pts. rush/rec TD

5 pts. Pass TD

start 1QB/1RB/2WR/1TE/1Flex/1D-ST/1 PK...8 starters

16 man rosters (8 reserves)

$55 fee ($50 for payouts, $5 for MFL hosting cost)...all league funds held in leaguesafe)

Auction style player allocation ($250 cap for 16 players....timer set on 24 hour cycle...bid in $1 increments)

Auction to be held once league is full and/or immediately after Super Bowl)

Auction to also include slots for 2013 draft.

You may keep as many players as you would like from year to year, but pay $5 extra per year. For example, if you obtained Andrew Luck for $25 in the auction, you may keep him the following year for $30.

Teams to be auctioned off. For example, if you want the Ravens, you can bid for them. If you are the high bidder for $5, just subtract $5 from your $300 cap ($295 to be used for player allocation for 2013). If you don't care, just wait to bid $1 on a NFL franchise. It is up to you.

If interested, send me a PM or email at ack88brian@yahoo.com

I co-commish both DDFL I and DDFL II, many of whose owners came from these boards. I am also a member of MOX-V, another league with many owners from this site.


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10 spots filled. Looking for more. Any questions my email: ack88brian@yahoo.com

Or pm me. Thx.



Waiver additions would only count against your cap. Each team can add as many players as they want so long as they stay at/under the cap. If you added a waiver player for $1 and decided to keep him the following year he'd be $6 ($1 in salary + $5 keeper fee for following season)

Waivers are blind bid (Picks in by 11:59 EST on Wed. and Sat. nite...as waivers will run at midnight on Thur. and Sun.)

FCFS waivers run Sunday AM through kickoff of 1PM EST

Hope that helps.


The Commission

How can you call it an NFL model with no IDP's and only 8 starters. Last time I looked the NFL has 53-man rosters and 22 starters, but let's not let facts get in the way.



We are full but am taking owners to be on the waiting list. Thanks to all for considering this league. Wait list candidates can send me a pm or email me atack88brian@yahoo.com


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