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Start Up Dynasty League! IDP with Best ball scoring. $55 total and each owner manages a NFC and AFC team (1 Viewer)


The T2 (Take on 2 teams to get the prize) League is a Dynasty league organized like the NFL with 32 teams, 2 conferences, 8 divisions. Each conference, AFC and NFC have their own 1 copy of each player. Teams do not submit starting lineup each week. Instead, lineups are set based on the top performing players each week ("Bestball format").  The idea is to make this an easy and fun league since we will be owning 2 teams.  The hope is that all owners have played fantasy for quite some time and will keep the integrity of this game and basic rules of conduct intact with this league.  With small rosters, rookie only DTS and Best ball format, my hope is to make this a sit back and enjoy kind of league!

Draft for NFC is May 18th and AFC is June 29th   We will use betterfantasydraft.com to determine draft order  

Each owner owns an AFC and NFC team.  In order to retain continuity of the teams, owners are not allowed to change the State or City they own, but can change the team name ex. (Kansas City Die Hards). 

All 32 teams (16 owners) compete for a spot in the T2 Super Bowl. In each conference, teams play head to head against teams in their division and double headers against inner conference and the other conference teams. 

All teams have a 35 man roster, 5 man taxi squad (DTS), and unlimited injured reserve.

Teams start 20 players each week: QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, 3 FLEX, 1 K, 3 DL, 3 LB, 3 DB, DFLEX

Each conference completes a "slow email" inagural veteran and rookie draft and then each year a straight Rookie Draft.

Draft clock is set to 8 hours, with a night time suspension between 11:00 pm ET to 08:00 am ET.

The league utilizes Conditional Blind Bid waivers and then First Come First Serve. 

MONEY Entry fee $55 x16 = $880 – MFL fee will equal $740 remaining.

MFL league site fee deluxe league - $140
SUPER BOWL Champion (week 16) - $400
SUPER BOWL Runner Up (week 16) - $180
Division Winners -$10x8 =$80

Rolling Prize Pool $5 x 16=  $80

T2 Rolling Prize Pool
With the idea to motivate owners to be in it for the long haul, there will be a Rolling T2  Prize Pool.

Each year, $5 from every team´s entry fee will go into this prize pool.
At the end of the 5th season the franchise that has accumulated the most cumulative Victory and Playoff points combined from both owned teams over 5 seasons will win the $400 pool.

Additional rules on the site.  Email me at jayminnesota28@gmail.com if you would like to get in this league!  Just set it up so plenty of teams to own!


Jay Steffen

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I'd be interested if payment wasn't through PayPal. Why not use LeagueSafe? 

Also, while I like the intent of this rule, "If an owner gets both teams to the T2 Super Bowl in the same season, then the other 15 owners will pay an additional $10 to the commissioner who then will send it to the owner.  If an owner over the course of the 5 years gets each NFC and AFC team to a T2 Super Bowl, then the other owners will pay $5." I would be willing to bet that you'll have a hard time collecting from everyone if/when it happens. I'd suggest you collect that in advance and hold it

I'd be interested if payment wasn't through PayPal. Why not use LeagueSafe? 
Yeah, I would be in as well if this used LeagueSafe.

BTW, it's not because I think the commish will run off with the winnings(although that has happened before) but more because then you can actually see that everyone has payed before the draft starts or the season starts etc. It's easier to just roll over last years winnings into this years leagues. If you go over the threshold of winnings in a particular season it makes it much easier on your taxes to have one printout with all your expenditures and winnings on FF in one place.

I fully realize LeagueSafe could be bought by anyone at anytime and there will always be a chance your winnings just go out the door, but LeagueSafe really has made FF pretty convenient. At least for me.

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Thanks for the input guys!  I agree that Leaguesafe is the best way.  I will take your advice and go with Leaguesafe


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