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start up dynasty league, looking for owners...... (1 Viewer)


Paradox Dynasty is looking for owners.  Most of us are in Colorado, but league is open to anyone.


12 team startup dynasty league with building carry-over pot(+$100/year) for first team to win back to back championships.

No kickers

Starting lineup:  1QB, 2-4RB, 3-5WR, 1-3TE, 1Def. - 10 total starters

2 Flex

.5 PPR

22 man rosters

2 IR and 2 taxi

13 week regular season

6 teams to playoffs - top 2 teams get byes week 14

bottom 6 teams play for draft position in weeks 14-16

FAAB/FCFS waivers 

$107.50 entry.  $100 goes to payouts, and $7.50 to MFL site dues.

Championship game winner - $600, Championship game runner up - $300, 3rd place game winner - $100, Regular Season points leader - $100,  $100 each season goes into pot to be awarded to first team to win back to back championships.

Draft order for startup draft will be random.  Snake draft

Draft order for future rookie drafts determined by playoff results of prior year. Non-snake standard NFL style draft.

The draft will begin as soon as league is full and entry fees paid.  It will be a 22 round email draft. with 8 hour time limit.

5 spots remaining, hit me up with any questions  


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