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Coin Flip

The league will have rookie spacers so the draft will begin sometime in Feb. A draft date will be chosen once the graphics are complete and MFL moves leagues to 2019. There are some decently long rules to share (I wanted to be thorough) with 2 nice twists that are not used in any league I have seen. Fee will be under $100 but more than $60. Working on that figure currently.

Basics are: (already have 7 teams committed   Update:   10 teams committed)
12 teams
100% payouts
2 Divisions
Lineup: 9 starters No Kickers No Def.
Likely superflex so you can start 1 or 2 QBs.
Rest of lineup is start at least 1 QB, RB, WR, TE and 5 Flex
Blind Bidding
VP Scoring
6 Make the Playoffs 6 defer down to Consolation Bowl (there is a small payout should you win)

If you have other questions let me know. Happy to send full rules to those interested, naturally. Dont mind collecting through leaguesafe but paypal has been a common option through all my leagues.

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