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Starting 2 WRS (or RBs) from the same team. (1 Viewer)


Has anybody started (on a regular basis ) 2 WRs from the same team? Examples Dez/Miles, Roddy/Julio, Broncos WRs. Maybe someone drafts Megatron and Broyles and Broyles (WR4) tears it up. I've never done it nor do I recall seeing it done. Thanks for your input guys.

The highest scoring team in one of my leagues in 07 started Moss and Welker on a weekly basis.

I made the heinous decision to trade Julio in a dynasty two years ago because I have Roddy White. I say just do it. As long as both players are productive I see no problem with it.

I ended up with Jordy, Jennings, and James Jones (AND Rodgers) last year about week 2. Was looking forward to starting Jennings & Jordy weekly, but Jennings injury lingered forever. Unfortunately, when it first looked like he was headed back, I traded away James Jones, who ended up with the most value of all of them.

I think if it's one of the powerhouse offenses (Packers, Broncos, Saints, Falcons) you could justify it, but I wouldn't chase it. Especially with the Falcons, who never seem to have a big game out of Roddy & Julio at the same time. I'm drafting #1 in my main league, and have been landing Demaryius Thomas at 2/3 and Welker at 4/5 about half the time, and I'm 100% fine with that. I'm not trying for it - just my highest rated player at those spots.


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