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Starting IDP's vs. Eagles Offense (1 Viewer)


After watching Chip Kelly"s offense in action, it appears as though there will be a an above average scoring opportunity, particularly at the linebacker position. The Eagles ran the ball 49 times. A few were broken plays that led to Vick scrambling. They passed the ball 25 times,completing 15. Several of these were short passes, bubble screens etc.

While the eagles were not the only team to run 70+ plays, they are the only team to come close to 50 rushes, and the stat lines for the redskins defense were very impressive.

P.Riley -8 Tac.- 7Ast. -1 sack -1 FR

R Kerrigan -7tac.-1Ast.-1sack-1FF

London Fletcher-6Tac.-7Ast


Plus there were 2 corners with 5 tackles + assists.

I don't know if this trend will continue. simply because the eagles had the ball the majority of the1st half due to turnovers by the Redskins. However they did put the brakes on early on in the 3rd. quarter. In a closer game i don't suspect that will happen.It is something worth keeping an eye on in my opinion. While I would never drop stud IDP players just to take a chance on a hunch. I did drop patrick chung and pick up brad bird just in case I get the itch to test my theory that IDP Players going against the eagles offense may be away unique way of playing "IDP by committee"


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