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Starting TE's in the flex (1 Viewer)

agree i would rank him in the top 20 WR this week and top 15 RB in PPR leagues when you just compare scores

Anyone doing this? I have Jordan Reed and think he is flex worthy over other options.
I try to land two decent TE's in almost every flex league I play, via draft or trade, for exactly this reason. Most owners vastly underrate the TE2-level guys - they'll typically perform on about a WR3 level in typical PPR leagues but you can generally land them for WR4-5 prices.

I've got Gonzalez and Gronk (plus Reed) in my auction league, and Bennett and Finley (now Olsen) in my other flex league - together they've won me 3 extra games already compared to if I'd been limited to RB/WR choices in the flex.

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Of course.

My main league doesn't require TE's but I start 2 every week. It would be 3 if one of my TE's didn't murder someone this summer.

I intend to start Jordan Reed in my league's WR/TE flex spot next week. (Gronk is primary TE)

But he's literally the only option I'll have.

Still, I'm not unhappy about that proposition at all.

Multiple times in the past. Will probably go Gronk and Cameron in one league. Possible Graham and Thomas in another. Both PPR leagues.

Witten and Reed are two of my automatic starts in one league. Have used three at times. Gates and eifert in another, deeper league. I pretty much start two TEs in every league I can.

I've started Charles Clay at flex several times, have been pleased with results. Thinking about it again this week

In PPR many of these TEs average enough catches to have a high floor. This week due to byes I'm starting Gronk, Reed & Clay in my RB/WR/TE, WR/TE & TE spots over guys like Kerley, Joique, Ivory, etc.

Was starting Finley and Cameron instead of a 4th WR. Then picked up Reed, so from now on, Reed and Cameron over Robert Woods and/or Durham with Cobb on ir.

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