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Starting up 3 slow, extended fantasy football drafts ($100,$ (1 Viewer)


I am starting up three fantasy football slow extended drafts. Buy-ins for each league are $100, $150, and $250. All leagues have PPR and free agent acquisition bidding. All teams are 12 team leagues and the drafts will consist of 20 rounds. The $100 and $150 league use 3rd round reversal, 2 FLEX, 10 man starting lineups. The $250 league will have 2 FLEX and 11 man starting lineups (3 WR, 2 FLEX) LeagueSafe.com will be used as avenue of payment for all three leagues. Great payouts for overall winners, regular season best records and most overall points in regular season! If interested in joining, email brian.harwood@insightbb.com today!

I need teams for two CBSSports fantasy football drafts I am starting up.

One league is a 16-team league with free agent acquisition bidding, PPR and 9 player starting lineup. Buy-in is $100 and draft is Monday, August 27.

The second league is a 10 team league with PPR, free agent acquisition bidding and you must start 2 quarterbacks. Buy in is $150 and draft is Monday, August 26.

LeagueSafe.com will be the avenue of payment for both leagues. Limited spots remain so make sure to sign up today!

If interested, please email brian.harwood@insightbb.com today!

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