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Starting up a New League, Unique scoring system $60 entry fee and (1 Viewer)


Email me at bradarmstrong_18@hotmail.com if interested, In addition to the 60 dollar entry fee all waiver adds will be $1 and trades will be $5, so it would make sense to start by paying the $60 entry fee+ $10 for transactions to start

2 Qb

2 Rb

4 Wr

2 Te

1 Rb/Wr/Te

1 K

1 Def

Pay outs will be as follows

1st place-45% of the total pot(entry fees and tranasction money)

2nd place-20%

3rd place-10%

Total Points leader-25%

all this is minus the 89.99 fee that MFG takes

8 teams make the playoffs, and if there is enough interest i may make it a keeper league, also it will be a serpintine draft via email

If anyone wants the scoring parameters i can email those as well

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