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Startup 12-team with Farm System (Devy) (1 Viewer)


Updated Bylaws: http://football33.myfantasyleague.com/2013/options?L=26581&O=26

Entry fee is $100: $75 toward the first season with an automatic $25 deposit for the following season. $75 annually thereafter. If you drop out of the league the money will not be refunded and will be tossed into the pot or towards discounting a team if needed. LeagueSafe will be used. Also, if you trade more than half of Rookie and Farm picks combined (4 out of 7) OR all your Farm picks (4), you must pay for following year in full $75. If you trade away at least 2 of ANY future picks you must pay $25. You may only trade future picks ONE year in advance.

1st $450

2nd $220

3rd $75

Regular season points $75

MFL $80 (if league filled and paid before August 1)

Starting lineup: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 RB/WR/TE. NO DEF or K.

Roster Max - 40 year-round that includes your Farm players. You can carry as many College prospects as you want. Max will expand to 46 during all Drafts as to allow

IR - 4 IR spots that will include those with OUT Status. Must wait 7 days to re-activate.

Startup Draft - 30-round that includes rookies. 12-HR timer.

Inaugural Farm Draft - 10-round NON-SNAKING. Any college player including incoming 2013 Freshman eligible (any HS player graduating in 2013). To be held after the Startup via email or message board. Reverse order of Startup. Picks can be traded ahead of time before and during Startup Draft. I will manually create each college player and they will be on your MFL rosters. Any college player on waivers is eligible to be picked up. 12-HR timer.

Farm Draft - 4-round annual NON-SNAKING each following year. Will be held in February or March.

Rookie/FA Draft - 3-round NON-SNAKING starting 2nd year (Keep in mind the Rookie Draft will be diluted of top talent). Will be held after the NFL Draft.

Cutdown - Seven (7) days to cut down to 40 after every Draft.

Message me or leave a reply.

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