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STARTUP! 4 SPOTS! $200 - 14 TM, SF, PPR, TEP, IDP - Raid, Side Games & Belt (1 Viewer)



I have 4 spots open in a dynasty startup. This league has actually existed for 4 years as a contract league, but owners have decided to convert the league to style similar to a couple of other leagues I commish and perform a complete reset. Therefore, this is a startup with 10 of the same owners. 

As the title indicates, the annual entry for this league is $200. It is a 14 team dynasty league with superflex, tiered ppr, TE premium and full IDP rosters. 

This league is also a raid league. This means that every offseason there is an event called the raid in which rosters are "raided" in a draft format from current active rosters. Don't worry you also get to protect certain players prior to the raid and all players on your taxi squad also receive raid protection. Each team will raid four players from other teams and also be raided exactly four times, no more, no less. The raid creates player mobility, increased activity and most importantly parity. No longer are the days where bad teams stay bad forever and good teams dominate the league year after year. Staying on top is more difficult in this format, but that's what makes it more fun. I run two other raid leagues and I will never create a new league without one, it's that good. 

This league is old school 80's and 90's WWF themed and therefore there are a couple side games that will take place during the course of the year: The Royal Rumble and The Tag Team Tournament. More details on this in the rulebook. The league winner also takes home a custom Championship Belt!

We also have a live Zoom draft lottery each offseason to determine rookie draft order. 

Here is what I'm looking for from new owners: I'm looking for truly active owners that love FF, not people that just join and don't participate. This means you're an engaged owner that's joining with the intention to be here a while. This means that you timely respond to trades and are someone who seeks out trades to improve your team, you are on the site often even in the offseason. You must be considerate to others and you must be able to pay your entry fee on time each year without me having to hunt you down. If you have to scrounge for the $200 this league isn't for you. Finally, you are responsive to league communication, meaning emails, groupme, and setting up your notifications properly. 

We use Paypal for league fees and distribution. I am fully aware this can make some feel uncomfortable, which is why I'm happy to put you in touch with any of the other league owner(s) so you can confirm I am on the up and up. I do not play fantasy football because I need money nor do I need yours :) We started using Paypal many many years ago in all of my leagues to avoid leaguesafe fees (which are getting absurd by the way) and we continue to do so. Many of us have played together for 10+ years in various leagues.

League Link: https://www51.myfantasyleague.com/2022/home/10346#0
League Rules: https://www51.myfantasyleague.com/2022/options?L=10346&O=26

If you are interested in joining, the best and quickest way to get in touch with me is by email cerianamax@gmail.com. Please give me a very brief summary of your dynasty experience in your message. 


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