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Startup dynasty league (1 Viewer)


ALIGNMENT: 12 teams 2 divisions of 6 teams each


ROSTER: Each team has 28 roster spots.

INITIAL DRAFT: "Slow" style draft with 12 hours per pick. Draft will be

serpentine style and start July 8th at noon. Trading of draft picks is


ROOKIE/FA DRAFT: Will be held every year following the initial draft.

The annual time of this draft will be voted upon during the leagues

first season.

WAIVER WIRE: Waiver Request from kickoff of the first game of the week through Wednesday 11:30 PM ET.

Then first come, first served through kickoff of the first game of the following week.

Waivers end on week 17 kickoff.

TRADING: When a trade is agreed upon in the MFL system it goes into a

league wide vote for 5 days. The poll is public and if 4 votes against

the trade are made then the trade is rejected. Future draft picks

can be traded only if you are paid up for that year (vote on this). The trade

deadline is the last game of week 11.

SCORING: PPR http://football4.myfantasyleague.com/2008/...ribe?NAME=WCOFF

SCHEDULE: Regular season is 13 weeks long. Each team plays every team in its division twice, and 3 teams

outside its division.

DUES AND PAYOUTS: 35$ annual league dues. 80$ to mfl. 340$ prize pool

2 division winners 40$

League Champ 200

2nd 60

PLAYOFFS: 6 teams starting week 14. 2 division winners receive byes

during week 14. The 2nd and 3rd seeded teams in each division play

each other during week 14. Winners advance to play there division

winners week 15, and week 16 is the championship.

RULES AMENDMENTS: If something is not listed in the rulebook, the commisioner

will interpret the decision. The league will be ran in a democratic fashion.

Each off season rule changes and additions to the rulebook will be discussed and voted upon.

shoot me a pm with your email, spots are first come first served. Got 8 spots left. The mfl page will be up this weekend


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