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Startup FREE IDP ESPN snake league keeper/dynasty depending on consensus (1 Viewer)


Hello everyone.

My free IDP league that I was a part of for 15 years decided they didn't want to reboot for this year so I am feeling a bit deprived. 

This is going to either be keeper or dynasty, whatever the people decide, with no round penalties in the following drafts, and no player owning longevity restrictions. 

Draft date is also TBD in accordance with potential interest. Please let me know if you are interested.



James Sanders

I would like to join. I have been a active owner for 10 years. I like the settings but if you play week 17 for the last week of the playoffs there are always alot of good players that sit that week and it will really mess up the championship playoff. If you play all year and make the playoffs and then in week 17 your best players sit out that week then the whole season was for nothing. So a 12 week regular season will fix that problem. If playing 16 weeks instead of 17 works for you I want in. jlsandersjr@gmail.com


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