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Startup IDP auction, salary/contract, ppr & so much more - 3 teams left (1 Viewer)

ski mask ready

This is a copy cat of an extremely successful league we've been running for 5 years. (Original league here: https://www71.myfantasyleague.com/2022/home/58058#0 )

Here are the details:
Buy-in $110 annual with $160 upfront. Owners will have a minimum of $50 advanced payment on the books to keep them motivated to stay to do well.

Style: Balanced IDP (balanced scoring), 40 Player Roster, 8 Player Taxi, Salary & Contract

Super Pool: $10 from each owner each year will carry over to every third year for a super pool payout. Super pool will run every third year and has been wildly popular in encouraging teams to build for the future. 

Start-up will be a 100 player maximum Auction free for all where all players will be available to all teams. Any owner can nominate or bid on any player within their salary cap limit. Auction is on a 24 hr bid clock and will last 4-8 weeks  but will run until first game kick-off. Everyone that was part our our inaugural league auction mostly said it was the most fun startup they've ever been part of. It's pretty awesome.

Taxi Squad Claims: Teams can make Taxi Squad claims off other teams TS with draft picks as compensation.

Looking for extremely active owners that are interested in a league that operates year around.

Groupme is used for league chats which is often very active year around with chat, banter etc.

League Safe is used for the holding of league funds year to year

2 Commissioner league    

Here is a link to the league: https://www71.myfantasyleague.com/2022/home/23114#0

Link to the rules: https://www71.myfantasyleague.com/2022/options?L=23114&O=26

5 teams left, startup auction will begin after NFL Draft

DM me with questions or more info, or if interested  or email me at jordan@palmspringsflorist.net

*Copy cat league of the 2nd team in my sig

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