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Startup in a Growing Format - Superflex, 2 TE start, TE Premium (1 Viewer)


New startup
email Freezang_@hotmail.com to join

Entry Fee = $85
Submit Lineups each weeek
Victory Points in the standings
Trades, Waivers, FA etc
Start 12 - 1-2 QB, 2-4 RB, 3-5 WR, 2-4 TE and 1-2 DEF TE Premium,
Tiered PPR Scoring with scoring bumped up for defenses.
1.0 PPR for RB, 1.25 PPR for WR and 1.75 for TE plus other yardage bonuses.

Gangster, Druglord, Criminal Theme
Team Banners for each team and graphics for the full league will be made once league is filled.
Settings: https://www48.myfantasyleague.com/2023/options?L=63969&O=26
Scoring: https://www48.myfantasyleague.com/2023/options?L=63969&O=09

I run 54 other leagues in this format, all are Superflex, TE Premium leagues on MFL (myfantasyleague.com) which includes starting Defenses (defense scoring is bumped up) There are 1302 teams betweeen those 54 leagues with big competitive, active base of owners. There all have the same scoring. default is that there are 2 TE miniumum and no kickers starting but there are a couple that have kickers or 1 TE minimum starting.

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