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Startup - Team Drafted (1 Viewer)


This is a 12 team startup (ppr).  I unfortunately due to life do not have the time to put the my attention to the league.  If you're willing to send me the cost ($100) you can own this team... Highlighted potential starters... no rookie picks... email me at rnestrick76@gmail.com if interested.

league site is http://www65.myfantasyleague.com/2019/home/42557#0


Allen, Josh BUF QB253.0616.09 

Newton, Cam CAR QB (Q)365.1711.02 

Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QB349.6611.04 

Adams, Josh PHI RB (Q)84.01020.09 

Drake, Kenyan MIA RB208.259.04 

Edwards, Gus BAL RB89.8815.04 

Henry, Derrick TEN RB203.5114.09 

Kamara, Alvin NOS RB354.291.04 

White, James NEP RB277.1108.09 

Brown, Antonio OAK WR323.763.02 

Cole, Keelan JAC WR93.11025.04 

Ginn Jr., Ted NOS WR54.5925.09 

Golladay, Kenny DET WR (Q)207.154.07 

Goodwin, Marquise SFO WR87.6416.04 

Gordon, Josh NEP WR (S)138.71017.04 

Jackson, DeSean PHI WR (Q)151.31019.04 

Jones, Julio ATL WR329.992.11 

Lockett, Tyler SEA WR222.9116.09 

Stills, Kenny MIA WR136.5518.09 

Ebron, Eric IND TE225.267.04 

Hooper, Austin ATL TE163.0910.09 

Seals-Jones, Ricky ARI TE (Q)74.31221.04 

Bryant, Matt FA PK113.5-22.09 

Chiefs, Kansas City KCC Def154.01223.04 

Patriots, New England NEP Def163.01024.09 

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