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Steeler OLBs (1 Viewer)


Harrison and Woodley look like they are going to be the next dynamic pass rushing duo for Pitt. Are there any Steeler homers/anyone in the know who can give some insight on how these guys are used? Is Harrison lining up primarily at ROLB or are they switching sides? I live in an area that does not get a whole lot of Steeler games so I only get the stats and what highlight are shown after the game.

I'm pretty sure (but not 100%) they don't switch, if they do, its not often. Harrison lines up at ROLB and Woodley at LOLB
Harrison is primarily the ROLB and Woodley the LOLB. They'll move around a bit in the nickel, dime and creep packages (only 1 or 2 down linemen). It's also worth noting that both have made themselves into above-average all-around OLBs, and in LeBeau's zone blitz schemes, neither are more likely than the other to be the primary rush OLB.

Hey AB, you still think Harrison can't repeat his performance from last year now? :confused:
One game against a team that could not block a statue does not change my opinion. The fact is not one single 3-4 OLB has been a top 20 fantasy LB more than once over the last 5 years, and that includes elite studs like Merriman and Ware. I have to see it done before I believe it. I will say that it's possible with Harrison's higher tackle numbers compared to Merriman and Ware. But I would not count on him as anything higher than a low LB2.

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