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Steelers/Ravens SNF (1 Viewer)

Probably spinning a wheel right now on what to call - incomplete, fumble, down by contact or touchdown

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Incomplete doesn’t seem like an option. Ball never hit the ground so it’s a fumble or INT. I think he’s down, though. 

This is truly the worst Steelers defense I've ever seen in my life.  It's not close.  They can't stop anything or anyone at this point.  
I’ve seen tougher tissue paper. Screen doors hold back more presssure. Pittsburgh D is envious of 500 year old parchment.

Somewhere in a remote location, supervillian Mr Glass is watching this game, feeling tough as nails for the first time in his life. 

Do you think they even know how awful this defense this?  I mean it is getting so much worse and even more lazy 

Its awesome when a team just absolutely doesn't show up for a prime time game against their biggest rival. Bravo tomlin.

For a team w such a garbage defense, you would think they would want to establish the run for some clock management. This is several games Steelers immediately leap into a huge hole and become ridiculously unbalanced in the run/pass


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