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Steelers TE Heath Miller (1 Viewer)


Probably not a big deal for most people on the board but Steelers fans and those that have Heath Miller will be interested to know that he practiced again today.

This is the seond day in a row that he has practiced and it is looking more and more like he'll play tomorrow night against the Bengals.

Miller is still an important part of the Steelers offense although its been more in blocking than pass catching this year. His return is good news for Big Ben and Fast Willie. Maybe Miller can catch a goal-line score as well.

Tight end Heath Miller practiced for the second consecutive day, but he wouldn't commit to playing in tonight's game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Heinz Field. "We'll see. Trying to do everything in my power to promote myself to be feeling better and see where I'm at," Miller said following Wednesday's practice. Miller, who missed the past two games because of an ankle injury, practiced with the first-team offense and appeared to be comfortable running his routes. "It's hard to say," Miller said when asked to rate his chances of playing against the Bengals. "Hopefully, my mindset is I've got over 24 hours. So, hopefully, I'll feel even better than I do today."

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